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The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.

Sep 23, 2013

In this episode, Kira talks with good friend, comedian and mom, Cathy Ladman. They discuss a variety of different topics from her life as a professional stand-up comedian and actor to adopting her child to her personal struggles with anorexia and beyond. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and don't forget to...

Sep 4, 2013

 In this episode, Kira talks with good friend and comedian, Darren Carter. Let's get down to business shall we? Darren is one of the funniest live performers out today and where he gets his comedy may surprise you. If you know Darren, you may not know this well. Great episode.