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The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.

Sep 28, 2017

Burt is an author, a producer, a comic, and a dad. Burt has written several books including: Sell It With Humor, Stand Up For Your Success, and his latest It's Not Going To Be Okay... But That's Okay. We talk about meeting his wife in an interesting way, politics, comedy business, having "the talk," small donations,...

Sep 21, 2017

Jon is a comic, a writer, and a dad. We discuss teaching comedy to underprivileged teens, being mistaken for Jewish, comedy in Canada, positive parenting, and we remember Vahco. Enjoy our chat!

Sep 14, 2017

Jordan is a director, a comic, and a dad. He has his latest film in the I Am Comic series, I Am Battle Comic, available at We talk about the film, raising teenage daughters and grown sons, Spanglish (not the movie), comedy specials, and a movie heckle turning into a sale....

Sep 7, 2017

Lynn is a comic, a former psychologist, and a mom. We talk about hockey, kids talking like adults, running a theater, trying to steal therapy, fake crying, and being the boss as a parent. Enjoy our chat!